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Unknowing: The Gift in Creating when Feeling Lost



I see my carefully woven patterns unraveling.

Do you know this feeling, too?

This is far from a poor-me bemoaning. My heart overflows with love for the amazing people, pups, gifts & wonder in my everyday-ness. 

I also realize I asked for my voyage into LOST.

I CHOSE to put me + my photographic work in front of a mentor who promises to dig deep. In his unflinching gaze, I saw I was hiding. In my work, & in some measure from myself.  

What I have crafted as a template for knitting together my present pursuits, certainly is useful in keeping life organized & keeping me on track to meet my commitments. But it MANAGES BUSY-NESS more than it probes for the truths I suspect we all seek to express in our creating. 

Truth-telling, even privately to ourselves, feels vulnerable. 

Truth-telling in our work, in our creations, in our lives... this is our key to connecting + resonating.

I told myself I didn't have the energy to spare at the moment to strip away the rationales that made hiding OK. 

And yet in stripping them away, I feel energized. I am wandering in a fog, yes, but I also sense a piercing light in this space of unknowing.

I am listening. Amidst dizzying travels, I am quiet. Clearing, clarifying. 

I am driven to explore photographically, to make my work. For in that, I know I will see myself emerge. Our creations show us our truths.

Create. Create. Create. 

What if creating is the best tonic to angst, lostness, grief, confusion? Seasonal holiday cheer can heighten the levity v. lost dissonance we may feel. 

What do you turn to when you feel lost?

I offer my best medicine: Give yourself the gift of creating... in the kitchen, art, journaling, crafts, doodles. Whatever speaks to you. We each know our own best healing path. Our expression is vital to our creative beings. I suspect it is our guiding light. 

Deep thanks to all who dig for their truths & who share their unknowing in the process. Vulnerability opens us beyond the limits we self-impose.

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