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Reclaiming our YES from the Scarcity Thief



Such a pervasive energy.

The difference between time-starved and timelessness?

A sense of scarcity. 

When we find ourselves comparing our lives to others' and we somehow paint ourselves as coming up short?


It feeds competition. Drains compassion.

Blocks us from the abundance we are and are becoming. Robs us of joy in this moment. Hemorrhages energy that fuels our YES.

Scarcity accelerates our worries about HOW, disconnecting us from our SOURCE energy, our WHY. Our YES. It saps our bravery and stops us before we take that step forward we know we MUST to be TRUE TO OURSELVES.

If ever there were a foe of truly impressive magnitude, scarcity is THE foe of many masks.

But the key to unlocking scarcity's grip is to see it as primarily a fabrication in our minds.

Think of it as the wizard behind the curtain, creating perceptions (or rather imperceptions), fogs of lack. When we name it, call it out, we take our creative power back.

The fog shrouding our light begins to clear when we listen to our inner JUICE. Honoring that consistent voice we all have that KNOWS when we are on the life path that energizes us, this is what taps us into our JUICE. And that energy fuels us to achievements and fulfillment scarcity would have long ago stopped us from exploring.

When our mental gremlins try to lure us into a prison of scarcity, shine the spotlight on it for what it is, a tailspin of our lizard mind's making. 

  • Call it out. Name it. Literally put language to the scarcity you are feeling. Write it out, speak it out to yourself in a private moment, paint it out. GET IT OUT. Express it however you feel inspired.
  • Go forward anyway. And in taking that step IN SPITE OF the fear the scarcity gremlin attempted to install, we RECLAIM OUR YES.

I would love to your practices of returning home when you feel like you've stepped away. Email me or share a thought or three in the comments. Would love to connect!

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