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WHAT IF Slowness is our Superpower?


Choosing a day of slowness in the midst of turbo-charged busy-ness.


Or inspired?

I was feeling the EFFORT of creating. Pushing, feeling pressure, small tasks loomed as drudgery.

I knew I had an expanse of time over the weekend to catch up on personal projects & devote bandwidth to creative development. But even that phrase, catch up, implies I am not maintaining adequate speed to keep abreast of my life.

Delightful? Not one whit..

The swirl of many dreams & projects can be energizing. And at some tipping point, that same swirl can suddenly feel draining.

Intervention time. I made a mental bargain trading slow for flow.

Despite a persistent guilt overtone at not catching up over the weekend, it felt overwhelmingly YES.

SLOWNESS’s Sole Priority: no obligations to be on anyone’s schedule except to honor our own inner rhythm.

After a week of being beholden to the minute with conference calls, travels, production, meetings and everyday musts, I set aside Saturday as my day of ease. Pup Ernie and I had no schedule, except his walks and meals. I didn’t even venture to the grocery or check the mail. No social media ensnarements, no phone conversations. We nestled in to our haven of quiet and reveled in what felt restorative in the moment: Yoga, mindful breathing, noticing the day’s light unfold, making photos, watching a mystery movie (without multi-tasking), playing Ernie’s favorite game of tug with his beloved Pink Fuzzy. There may have been dark chocolate. Possibly more than once. For the finale, we concluded early, tucking in before the sun went to bed. And we apologized to no one.

The following day was juicy. Ideas & YES moments flowed effortlessly + abundantly.

Most notably, I felt JOY. The richness of ideas dancing in my vision, effervescent. Possibility lived where obligations + shoulds previously usurped vitality.

WHAT IF slowness is our superpower?

Had I pushed through my weekend, prioritizing consistent progress with my goals/to-dos, I might have crossed them off my list, but they may have been juice-less versions compared to the creative juiciness that comes to life when we give ourselves the space to BE + honor rhythms of ripening.

The concept of consistent may be the culprit.

Creativity thrives on its own cycles. Striking in the middle of a run or a dream or a shower. Bursting forth in ideas we race to record on the page. Those fertile times need fallow periods to feed them. Muses appreciate slowness. When our brains (& souls) are allowed to BE + BREATHE at their own pace, zestiness can grow where blandness may otherwise manifest.

Perhaps a better measure of consistency is across a lifespan instead of micro-measuring it across a week or a day.

Honoring the rhythm of slowness intermingled with our generally accelerated speeds of communicating, consuming, creating & living, opens us to birthing amazingness that would not be possible in the fatigue of haste.

Where in your week can you build in a SLOW day? Where in your day can you build in a SLOW hour? Of course your resistance will scream that it is NOT POSSIBLE. Too busy!

We’ll be too busy until we draw our last breath.

Do it anyway. Making SLOWNESS part of our lives gives us back the vitality that ebbs away in the race against whatever clocks we allow to rule us.

SLOWNESS is our intermission to process all that has transpired, our staycation amidst the swirl, our hibernation before our spring. It is our ally, our co-creator, our tune-up, our soul’s salvation.

Slowness fuels our flow.

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