When I'm Stuck or Paused & Fretting that I'm not "Progressing"... & Shifting to See the Beauty in the Ebb

Sunday was a day of snow globe beauty, without the snow. It was one of those magically hyper blue-sky, crisp air, warm sun, blooming spring days where I could feel the happy glow in all my brief encounters with people that day. It was a technicolor dream of a day.

And yet, every cell in my being magnetized me to stay indoors with my pup, snuggle in quiet, listening to him snuffle in his nap dreams. 

I had lots of productive ambitions for that day. I had mapped it out as a day to make progress on a key piece for my website that I wanted to share with portrait photography clients. I was looking forward to the creation time.

Nothing got done that day on my list. 

I berated myself for a bit on procrastinating. And then I surrendered to this undeniable need to be still. 

I declared it a COZY day. 

I knew that my body knew what it was doing. My brain was resisting a bit. But I let go of the tizzy my thoughts spun in and said to them, "I need this. And I trust it, the stillness. It feeds me. So pipe down with your doubts." 

The leisure of unstructured space. It's magic for the soul and creative energies. That's where deep shifts occur. That's where puzzle pieces fall into place. On levels that may not be conscious at the time, but that rise to the surface days later. 

Progress doesn't need to look busy to be progress. 

Deep knowing, deep truth aligning, source-level truing up, towards our life dreams, towards our next steps, towards our matching our being to our actions... this kind of alchemy transpires often without seeing its ripple on our pond's surface. But then it can burst forth into the sun as we feel that renewed well of energy move us into action. 

As much as I know this pattern about my process and myself, I can doubt it when I'm in it. I wanted to share it with you, in case you, too, experience a similar pattern and doubt. The stillness is often my wisest time. My wisest space. When I honor it, I am so grateful I listened to the quiet. Rebirth is not sustainable as a constant tempo. Like the seasons and waves on the ocean, we ebb and flow. 

Grateful for that ebb.

I revisit this video when I'm in ebb times. I hope you find inspiration in it too.