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When We Set Our WILD to It

How often do you feel like you are racing to catch up with your to-dos, life goals, neighbors, yourself? 

Does racing leave you feeling fulfilled and whole? 

Or crabby and snacky?

Despite the sense of speed, racing is rarely if ever efficient, except perhaps when wearing running shoes.

When we speed through our lives, we are multi-tasking. "Oh I can do this while I'm sorting that." Neither gets our full attention. We skim the surface of the experience, of the meaning, of the wisdom & joy we might derive if we fully experienced our moments. 

We get mentally fatigued more quickly when we are fracturing our focus, & in that state of weakened willpower & decision-making, we are readily distracted by the shiny things that catch our eye as we whiz past. Oh, I can SHOP while I'm talking on the phone & on social media. We become a blur of superficial attention.

Who gets our full attention anymore? Do we even give it to ourselves?

When we focus fully in the moment, THIS MOMENT, we tap into our source wisdom. We are engaging with every cell in the richness of this moment's experience.  Whether making dinner, sweeping the floor, listening to a friend or listening to ourselves, when we are fully IN IT, we are not wasting time. That presence we bring to each moment is what connects us to our inner YES, our inner wild soul, the one that's tuned to intuitive knowledge. Our wildness. That truth, our unique truth, that guides us on the life path that fulfills us more than any cookie cutter life path might, it is always speaking to us. But we may not hear it until we give it our full attention.

Fast track is commonly touted as desirable. The fast track is dazzling... and dizzying. AND it's a cerebral head fake, quite often. It's moving us along a pre-defined domesticated map, yes. But it's not soul knowledge of what moves us to our wholeness in this life. Wildness. 

My thoughts can stop me, because they can recycle fears as wisdoms or justifications. I find that I can mightily resist hills in my path when I'm in my thinking mind. I dread them. I create horror stories around them. I spend energy avoiding them. But when I am focused on the feeling & experience of THIS STEP... then the step that follows. Magic. I am immersed in just one step. I can do one step. And before I realize it, I'm running down the other side of the hill. 

I challenge us thinkers to stop relying on the call to action: When I set my mind to it. 

Instead, I dare us to explore: When I set my WILD to it. 

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