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Where are we IN JOY with ourselves?


2:16 AM this morning.

Pup Ernie awoke to check on me and re-situate himself. I was instantly alert, assessing whether he needed to go outside.

I looked at the tiny clock at my bedside and sighed. In my thought-veil, already rolling into gear, my message to myself was: UGH. “I will not get back to sleep. I’ll be tired today. I won’t feel like running…”

What a drag I was to myself, and I wasn’t even fully conscious. Can you imagine when this monologue is full power? I suspect you know all too well.

BUT a thought landed in the midst of the ick-train that both brought me to light & took me back to sleep—such beautiful duality in peace—WHAT IF I DON’T RESIST MYSELF?

That landed home. Instead of girding for powering through a day of possible fatigue, this: OK, if I’m tired in the moment, I’ll be that. Something meaningful may appear from being where + how I’m FEELing.

Peace. I’ve come to trust peace as home. My truth. It feels like aliveness+rootedness in what IS.

In recent months, as I consciously shift my BEing and my LIVE-ing, investing my energies to create in ways that are soulfully meaningful to me, the 2 meta questions I have been wondering through are:

  • Is the world FOR me or AGAINST me?

  • Who/What do I truly TRUST?

These two rivers of inquiry connected at 2:21 AM this morning.

It’s not so much whether I wonder if the WORLD is for me but whether I AM FOR ME.

& TRUST? For all outside my person, trust may be fluid, morphing with circumstances. But the trust cornerstone for me is my body. My thoughts may mess with me. My body, when I tune in, tells me YES or NO super clearly.

And tuning in to our truth is life’s constant practice. Clearing the channel, listening, clearing the channel again.

Do you resonate with this, as well?

Last weekend, I gratefully immersed myself in an intuition painting tune-up with my luminous + gifted friend Montine, Paint Awake.

She shared with the group that her personal practice is lasering in on living intuitively. Allowing our inner knowing to be our guidance system at all times. When we live intuitively, it’s so freeing—we don’t have to spend so much energy thinking. We laughed. But it, too, landed home.

Truly, energy is the language we all in nature speak. Animals, trees, plants, we human animals, (even currency/money). We all speak energy. Even if we have forgotten this resonance within ourselves, we are all energy-beings.

Is our energy blocked? Or is it in flow? Let’s check in.

Am I in combat mode with myself? That’s my energetic relationship with the world.

Am I in flow + am I feeling aligned with the light (& trust) as it is in this moment within myself? Ditto my relationship with the world.

My insight? Bring it in. Instead of wondering how to fix/change our external relationships or circumstances, BE WITH + WHERE we are IN JOY, IN TRUST, IN FLOW with US, our animal, our BEing.

BE TRUE to you. BE. In peace.

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