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Why Aren't I There Yet??

It's grooving towards the three-quarters mark in January, and the new year momentum feels like a tsunami of WHY AREN'T I THERE YET?

And then I patiently remind myself to take a look at the calendar and notice that we are on day 20 of this year of adventure.

2015 for me was RICH in LIVING. The whole spectrum. Literally, life and death, moving, meeting amazing friends in photography, celebrating my first gallery showings and collaborating with really juicy creatives who inspire me and for whom I am eternally grateful. Also, traveling an amazing amount and running my second fastest half marathon ever!

And 2016 and I have BIG CREATIVE DREAMS. And we are charged up to bring them to life. I wake up excited to start the day with them.

Then I get the peppering from my inner angst-stirrers that probably stems from love & support for my life dreams, but gets transmogrified along the way to WHY AREN'T I THERE YET?

Do you receive those same helpful gremlin messages?

I can feel myself beginning to get caught up in their swirl. Yeah, why DON'T I have a show for my new street photography series yet? (Because I am still curating and shooting.) Why is my new book not on shelves already? (Because I am in final edit stages.) Why am I not already diamond status on Delta... for 2017? That is the one that makes my laugh at myself and bring it back to reality. Because 20 days in, I am happily grooving and I celebrate that.

Are things not happening as quickly as I might want? Quite possibly. But each day I am moving my creative dreams forward. Each day, little steps. That's the only way I know to journey. Consistently moving forward. Even if it feels micro, it's major. It's a commitment to US, to our creative & life dreams.

And furthermore, the THERE my gremlins point towards? It's ever-changing. The THERE that matters is HERE. NOW. Life dream knocking on your psyche? Take a tiptoe towards it today.



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