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Wisdoms When the Inner Crabby Voices Get Loud

You know those days that start out feeling juicy & then... the inner crabby voices take over?

You know those days.

When the swirl of to-do's gets your heart racing, and not in the fun way. When your dog acts out & you know full well it's because you are a tangle of frustrated energy. When the way someone brushes their teeth sets you on edge?

Yeah, the inner crabbies have the microphone in our brain then. We go from mind+body+spirit harmony to ALL THOUGHTS & none of them real or positive. Scarcity, limitations, irritations... they all have the airwaves in our brain. 

Instead of inflicting that on ourselves, our people, our pets... there is wisdom to the rescue. 

Get out of our minds & back into our bodies.

MOVE: engage the body without the mind. Twirl, dance crazily, spin, sprint, do yoga, hold tree pose. 

QUIET: walk or even better lie down in nature, focus on how the sun or the breeze on your face, listen to the birds, feel the grass against your skin, walk with your dog (or your neighbor's dog) & experience the walk as he does, smelling, listening.

EXPRESS (but not to others!): draw wildly, not things, just lines, squiggles, colors, paint it out, it's not about pretty. Alternately, try primal gutteration--howl, yowl, bark, crow--get out the crabbies.

REST: nap, lie down, focus on breath, feel each limb to relax it, go limp with your appendages, let your head get heavy

HYDRATE: make some herbal tea or lemon water and drink feeling it flow into your body, enjoy the ritual of preparing your beverage

TINY: focus on the beauty of being in each detail of doing, focus fully on one small detail at a time

LISTEN: when you start feeling centered and swimmy (in the good way), you are emerging from the swirl... listen to what calls your curiosity & go there, swim in that discovery for a bit

Surface anew. 

Go slow.

Celebrate centering. If nothing else gets done, centering when the crabbies take over is epic. And it gets easier each time. 


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