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You Are Arriving. Everyday. Even in the Messy Middle.

You have arrived. 

Arriving. It can be crossing the finish line of a race. Turning in a whiz-banger of a project that brings wows from your colleagues. Summiting the mountain on a weekend hike with your friends, enjoying the view.

Do you love feeling that swell of accomplishment? I have arrived!

I do too. How amazing is it to relish completion or achievement or surprising even ourselves on stepping out of our usual groove to try new challenges, new energy? It's a rush. It's empowering. 

AND, arriving is not sacred to completion. If we look at the finish lines as the time to celebrate, we overlook the beauty in all the steps, practices, disciplines it took us to get there. The end has gotten all the glory. But it's the messy middle, the everyday commitment to staying on our path, doing the work, taking the steps that are aligned with our truths & how we want to live that are ESSENTIAL to getting us from A to B. 

We arrive everyday we step out the door to go for a run despite the temptation to curl up on the sofa. The project before us is daunting, and we arrive when we see it as a challenge & dive in to the planning, the brainstorming, the editing, the trial & error. We arrive when we protect time in our busy lives to get together with friends in nature & move & breathe. 

Getting out of bed with an energy embracing the wonders that we may experience today. That's arriving. We could get out of bed cranky & misanthropic, raining sour grapes on all in our path. Decidedly not arriving. 

Choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Yay us for arriving in that moment of choosing. 

In the tiniest of moments , particularly the ones that we repeat daily, we are building our BEING. Choosing between affirming what we love or what vibrates as our truth and what may seem a shortcut or something that doesn't feel right. Choosing to live expressing our art, sharing our voice, exploring our curiosities without guarantee of payoff. Living true to our inner YES.

In each choice, we are arriving. 

When feeling mired in the mess, take a look at the choice in front of you. The action you are about to take. See it for how it nourishes you. What energy it brings. Is it resonating as your truth, your YES?

Each choice holds beauty. It may be in seed form. It may be in full bloom. 

In knowing that beauty & choosing it, we are arriving. 




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